Our Story

Her Story

We've known each other for three years before we realized that we're the ones 'meant-to-be' in 2014.  We met inside a church and were blessed to be parts of a psalmist team. During our free times, we had several chances to play tennis as mixed doubles partners. Love blossomed and the rest is history.

Everyday, I always thank God for giving me such a wonderful man - the father-figure I've always been wanting for a husband. He loves unconditionally but never tolerating. He teaches and disciplines but gentle in words and in deeds.  

When I asked God if he was the man destined for me, God gave me this verse: Malachi 2 TMSG ..God, not you, made marriage. His Spirit inhabits even the smallest details of marriage. And what does He want from marriage? Children of God, that's what." 

It always fascinates me how he easily attracts kids and makes them yield to him. And so, I know he'd make a good father someday - someone who would love and discipline our children and would teach them how to worship and serve God.

Nido proposed to me but as I respond to it, I had a line-up of questions:

I asked him if he loves me and accepts my rotten past, he said 'yes'.

I asked him if he will protect and cherish me for the rest of his life, he said 'yes'.

I asked him if he accepts me as I am and my weaknesses, he said 'yes, but I will help and teach you to overcome them.'




His Story

(Here's my original composition dedicated to my bride, which I will be singing during our big day as she walks down the aisle)


Title: Pinagsama ng Diyos Ama


Giliw ang pag-ibig ko ay di katulad ng iba

Di kita iiwan pa, hanggang sa ating pagtanda

Kahit anong ihaharang, di pa rin pahahadlang

Sapagkat mahal na mahal talaga kita



(Oh wo oh woh..) Mahal na mahal kita

(Oh wo oh woh..) Sa akin ay wala nang iba

(Oh wo oh woh..) tayo'y pinag-isa,

pinagsama ng ating Diyos Ama


Giliw 'wag mangangamba, sa puso ko'y wala nang iba

Di ka na luluha pa, sa piling ko sinta

Kahit anong pagsubok man ang ating dadaanan

Ay tiyak ito'y ating pagtagumpayan.